Albert’s Mexican Food in Montebello

Robert n August 23, 2013 Comments Off on Albert’s Mexican Food in Montebello
Albert’s Mexican Food in Montebello
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Ok where do I start? Let me start out by pointing out that Albert’s at 3000 W. Beverly in Montebello is not in any way related or affiliated with Alberto’s. I actually made that mistake and was looking forward to some good food and decent service, ok I admit that Alberto’s doesn’t have the absolute best service but it’s decent (for Mexican fast food), but when it comes to Albert’s you’re totally ignored until you step up to the counter and try to make eye contact with the girl (who is obviously unhappy with her job) siting off to one side, she reluctantly took my order and sat back down.

Surprisingly the food is not too bad, although much pricier than what you would expect from a place that basically looks like a stationary roach coach, I ordered the chicken burrito which was pretty good but had a tough time holding it together due to the tortilla that had been wrapped inside out leaving the flaky part on the outside causing the burrito to fall apart.

Beside one other customer that was sitting in this wacky sticker version of my favorite Mexican food restaurant I felt like I had been left all alone and after I finished my chicken burrito and thrown away my trash I could swear I felt the door hit my on the way out.

In conclusion I give Albert’s a solid 2.5 stars down from a possible 3 on the basis of falsely trying to pass them self’s of as something they are obviously not. Just for laughs, I’m posting the (Knock off) Albert’s logo next to the classier (One and only) Alberto’s logo.


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