Bomb Threat Rattles Nerves

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Bomb Threat Rattles Nerves

Schurr High School Bomb Threat Rattles Nerves

Authorities searched the grounds of Schurr High School in Montebello Monday after receiving a 911 call of a bomb at the campus, but no explosives were found.

Officers went to the school at 820 Wilcox Ave. shortly before 8 a.m., said Montebello police Lt. Luis Lopez.

Students were moved to a secure area while a bomb squad searched the school. The campus was declared safe shortly before 11 a.m., Lopez said.

During the search, an unattended backpack was discovered near the tennis courts, but it contained only school-related items, Lopez said.

Parents, learning of the situation, rushed to the school to check on the safety of their student.

School officials decided to resume the school day after being given the all clear from the police.

A number of parents and guardians, however, opted to take their child home for the remainder of the school day, causing some parents to fume at the time it took to sign their child out.

Parents like Allen Kuruma, who went to Shurr to pick up his freshman son, said they felt the school administration was not prepared to handle an emergency. Kuruma complained that in some cases it took up to two hours to checkout a student.

“They weren’t prepared for anything like this, [but] hopefully they make arrangements to be prepared in the future,” Kuruma told EGP, “because what if there really was a bomb.”

Carmen Murraoka waited an hour after the campus was declared safe to sign out her two teenagers. She told EGP she hopes the school comes up with a better way to handle these types of situations in the future.

“They have only one computer working for hundreds and hundreds of parents and students waiting for their kids,” Murraoka complained.

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