The Hat in Monterey Park

Robert n November 6, 2012 Comments Off on The Hat in Monterey Park
The Hat in Monterey Park
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For those of us growing up in the Greater Los Angeles area, at some time or another we had to have passed by one of The Hat’s World Famous Pastrami subsidiaries. The Hat I visited the most was the one in Alhambra, on the corner of Valley and Garfield. I remember always seeing my step dad Beanie there. Thinking back, the food was about average, and the service was ok.

There was always something happening at The Hat. Every time I visited The Hat, any Hat I would see some one that I knew, at the Monterrey Park Hat I would usually see Roberta, Cricket, or some one I knew from ELA. Technically This Hat is in Monterrey Park but I think the parking lot touches Montebello.

All and all, the Hat is a good place to meet with friends on Sunday morning for lunch, wile planning out the rest of the day.

By the way for $6.49, The Hat’s pastrami comes as a pastrami dip on a French roll with mustard and slices of pickle inside.  Rye, wheat, or sourdough breads are optional.  I bought it and bit into the hugely generous mound of meat in a very soft roll. Pepper was the most noticeable flavor.  It wasn’t greasy and it had a buttery taste, and the pickle and mustard complemented the meat the way mayo complements a good turkey sandwich. I have to say that I only dipped it once into the cup of “au jus” because it made the already-too-soft bun far too soggy.

If I had to sum up The Hat in a slogan it would be something like this “The Hat, come for the Food Come back for the Memories (but you might like the French Fries)”.

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