Tower, we’ll miss you

Robert n November 7, 2012 Comments Off on Tower, we’ll miss you
Tower, we’ll miss you

When I was a kid my older cousins (Jaime Joe and David Reyes) used to take me with them to The Tower Records in Monterrey Park on Atlantic, right of First Street (a block away from Montebello). I was instantly hooked I loved the way you could just stand around and listen to entire CD’s (if you wanted to), you could read books, magazines, posters it was a little Stoners heaven.

That same Tower Records became one of my favorite hangouts for ditching school; I was in 10th grade at the time, Mark Rodriguez, Steve McNally, and I would take the Atlantic 260 bus from Maywood. And all wee had to do was be quiet and buy something, I’m sure the employees all knew we were supposed to be in school, but they were always cool about it.

Several months ago, I was riding my bike, and saw someone walking down the street with a Tower Records bag. It was like when you lose somebody close to you, and you swear you see them walking by…you chase after the mirage, holding on to some irrational hope that there could have been a mistake, ¡that person! turns out to be somebody else, but for those brief moments you could swear that you saw him or her just walking down the street.

Of course it wasn’t a Tower Records bag. What was I thinking? Tower Records has been gone for six years now, not to mention that I’m living in Mexico and there has never been a Tower Records out here (as far as I know). But that didn’t stop me from hoping it was true.

The ability to download all the free music and videos you could possibly want, is ok, I guess, but what good is all the music in the world, if there’s no where left to go? I miss the Tower Records in Monterey Park, mostly for that reason, it was somewhere to go, where you could just hang out with good friends.

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